About Us

We at incarz.com are obsessed about cars. This obsession flows through our nerves since childhood when we had car toys to play with. In our childhood we would drive cars all over the wall, window and every possible place where even the real cars can’t tour. Now, when our senses came to live we realised that the only thing that can drive us mad is car. So, we understand what cars are for the car fanatics and how do they feel when someone even talks about cars. Our initiative to deeply understand and incorporate facts of the cars to cater to car lovers resulted in the formation of www.incarz.com – a junction for car fanatics.

Incraz.com is an astounding site designed by proficient team of designers. It facilitates our visitors with easy browsing through the updates, comparisons, reviews of the cars and many more. Our hub is the prime location of all the automobile brands existing in the Indian automobile industry. We endeavor to keep our visitors updated of latest happenings in the Indian automobile industry and consistently provide them with insight of the cars available in India. We encourage our visitors to post reviews and share their experience with all the others visiting incarz.com. Our expert writers guide the visitors on car buying tips, maintenance tips and driving tips. Their in-depth review serves as guide for the visitors to determine and decide on which car would serve their needs.

Our core fundamentals comprise of delivering facts, providing unbiased reviews and guiding the visitors to live their passion for cars. And this we provide to them right at their desktop with all the possible information relevant in context of the cars.

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