A must go through Checklist before you buy any of the used car in Delhi.

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Buying cars which earlier was just a dream for many, is now a reality for everyone; as compared to older times when having a car was considered as a luxury, it is now a necessity. And every member of the family now wants a personal car. This sometimes makes buying a new car very tough. The solution to this problem is ever growing second hand car market in India. Delhi being a metro city has one of the biggest used car markets; thus, the demand of used cars in Delhi is increasing every day.

There is a huge checklist of do’s and don’ts before buying a used car in Delhi. We are going to discuss a few major points here. The main point to be noted before buying a used car is checking upon the owner of the car. A car which is used by a driver or as a taxi should not be in the preference list. Instead one should look for a car which has been driven by a lady or a doctor or a teacher or some senior citizen. Owners tend to be more attached to their cars than dealerships. To them, they’re not just selling a product, they’re selling a memory. These sorts of owners can be difficult to work with. They’ll bust your balls in negotiation over a piece of crap Buick simply because it was their grandfather’s beloved car, and they hate to see it get in the hands of the “wrong person.” Before you make an offer, you need to inspect it to ensure you’re not buying a lemon. This is especially important if you’re buying directly from the owner. Your best bet is to take the car to a mechanic you trust and let him look it over for any defects. If you don’t have a mechanic handy, here’s how you can inspect a used car. Another point to see before you buy a used car in Delhi is to check under the car for rust or oil or water leakage. A car with rusted parts should never be bought.

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When dealing with a dealer, the simple rule is that you came here to make a business transaction, exchange your money for a car; you want a car, dealer wants your money. You don’t have to become friends with a salesperson, neither do you have to get angry or argue. Leave unnecessary emotions or empty talks aside and look at it as a pure business transaction; concentrate on facts and details. Just because a salesperson is nice to you, doesn’t mean you should let your guards down when discussing the details; in the end, if you can reach a fair deal, both sides will be happy. Dealers know how to use different sales strategies, and if you visit a few dealers, you might even hear the same sales pitches and stories. Emotion is a big part of the sales process.

So before buying a used old car, make sure to spare a thought to all the details before buying and handing over your hard earned money to the seller.

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