3 Places to Display Your Classic Car

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If you own a classic car, then, chances are, you’d like to show it off to the public, at least every once in a while. Though owning such a car is primarily about passion and love, it can be nice to have other people appreciate and admire what you’ve done with your ‘baby.’ Instead of letting your classic car sit in the garage, gathering dust, why not take it out and display it for others to see? While just driving on the highway or putting your classic car in your driveway can get it some attention, the three places discussed below are sure to get even more appreciative eyes to turn in its direction.

Visiting the Classic Car Show

Perhaps the very best place to display your classic car is at a classic car show. A classic car show is an event, often put on by a classic car club, where dozens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of car owners come to show off their work. In addition to car owners, many car lovers and other interested people come to take part in the festivities and look at the vehicles on display. What makes this such a great place to show off your car is that the people here actually care about cars. They came to see the cars and will take a much more thorough interest in your own car than a normal person on the street might.

Taking it Through the Valet

If you can afford it, then the valet is another excellent place to display your classic car. Valets anywhere, whether it is at a hotel, restaurant, club, or party, are a great way to get your car noticed. Not many people these days have valets park their cars and doing so will gain you and your car some instant attention. And there is no doubt that whoever is working the valet that night will become a big fan of yours!

Sending in Pictures to Magazines and Blogs

Though it isn’t displaying your car in real life, sending in pictures of your vehicle to magazines and blogs that deal in classic cars – there are a whole lot of them – can be a great way to get some of the attention that you deserve. Most magazines are eager for readers to send in pictures of their own cars and will usually let you write a small blurb about the car, the work you’ve done to it, and yourself in addition. What better way is there to show off to friends? Equally as impressive is displaying your classic car on a popular classic car blog. These blogs will let you show off your own car and connect with others who have a passion similar to yours.

The point of having a classic car is not just to keep it hidden in the garage. The point of it is to have something that you love, something that you are proud of – something that you want to show off and display to others! And with the three tips discussed above you’ll be able to do just that. They describe three of the best places to show off your classic car and get it some well-deserved attention.

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