Honda to Resume Production of Jazz and Brio in India

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Honda India is likely to resume producing its small cars Jazz and Brio in the mid-February. Honda halted the production of the two hatchbacks in January due to shortage in supply of parts from the flood affected Thailand.

Honda LogoJanuary 11, 2012: On Tuesday, Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. made an announcement of resuming the production of its small cars, Jazz and Brio, in the mid-February. In January, the carmaker halted the production of Jazz model and continued the cut in the production of its small car Brio for the second straight month in January, according to Anita Sharma (Spokeswoman at Honda Siel Cars India). And then finally in January, the carmaker even halted making the Brio model due to shortage in supply of components from Thailand that was affected by a devastating flood last year. Honda India sources some of the electronic and under-body parts of car from Thailand.

Honda Brio at Delhi Auto Expo

Honda also had to cut the production of its cars prior to this in the last year due to March earthquake and tsunami in Japan. But now, the company is looking forward to start the production of its hatchbacks at the Greater Noida facility in Uttar Pradesh. The facility is capable of producing around 100,000 cars every year.

As of now, the company has started producing its new City sedan at the facility. “We also began making the new City sedan from Monday,” said Anita Sharma. The new City was launched on December 14, 2011 and is priced at Rs. 50,000 less than its predecessor. Usually, the Greater Noida facility produces Accord sedan, mid-sized City, small cars Brio and Jazz. However, due to shortage in supply of components from Thailand, Honda had to halt the production of its hatchbacks Jazz and Brio.

  1. Dr L K S Tiwari says:

    Even now, after official anouncement by an authourised person regarding production of brio, the delivery time is still not clear for those who have booked the car in Sep-11. Honda will be resuming normal production by mid Feb-12, i.e., Honda will be clearing all the bookings only till March/Apl-12 is just not satisfactory for customers. Even we’re looking for newer and better options…

    Dr L K S Tiwari
    New Delhi

    • Gurpreet Singh says:

      I booked a honda jazz in september last year given a word that I will be getting my car by end of december but it has not come in yet. With advance booking of Rs. 1 lakh and waiting period of now 6 months its getting quite a setback. But still there is no word or a given date of delivery yet.

  2. Simran Kaur says:

    Booked Honda Brio in December from Eastern Honda; they said I will get it by Feb. Now when I called them, they told that the delivery will be on or around 15th of May. I am getting frustrated now.

    • simran kaur says:

      hey guys my honda brio will be delivered on 3 april ,i am really happy to see my honda brio after 4 months of booking the car.

  3. Dr C S Panda says:

    Booked Honda Brio 1.2 SMT ALBASTER SILVER FROM MILLENNIUM HONDA,Jamshedpur, they said i will get it by 3rd week of Feb12. Please confirm. Really Frustrated!

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