Audi introduces Audi CarLife Advance in India

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Audi has introduced Audi CarLife Advance in India. Audi CarLife Advance covers financing, insurance and other service plan of the car models like A4, A5 and Q5.

May 24, 2012: Audi India has toppled Mercedes-Benz and is now the second largest luxury car maker in India. The German car maker has been performing well in the Indian automotive market and plans to launch 5 to 6 models of cars every year in the country. To add more flexibility and convenience to its offerings, Audi has also introduced Audi CarLife Advance.

Audi CarLife Advance is a facility that is said to enable the customers to buy Audi vehicles without much trouble. Head of Audi India, Mr. Michael Perschke said, “With Audi CarLife- Advance, our customers can enjoy maximum convenience as these services can be bundled under single monthly payment.”

Audi and Audi finance has together launched the Audi CarLife Advance facility in India. This facility include financing, service plan, car insurance and extended warranty for the Audi car models such as A4, A5 and Q5 models. Speaking about this facility, Mr. Perschke said, “For the first time Audi A4, Audi A6 and Audi Q5 customers can enjoy the benefit of an even lower EMI, comprehensive risk coverage, service plan and extended warranty – all under the Audi CarLife – Advance package which can be paid in easy monthly payments.”

Head of Audi India also went on to say that Indian market is premature for leasing as per the market research and therefore, Audi has stepped ahead to launch Audi CarLife Advance in the country. He added saying that the Audi CarLife Advance is an innovative method that enables the entire benefits of leasing to meet along with the privilege of owning a car. Concluding his comment on the facility, Mr. Perschke said, “We truly believe that this will be proved as a big stride towards world-class experience to our customers.”

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