160 Hyundai Cars being donated for R&D Activity

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Hyundai Motor India has been donating cars for the last 3 years to various ITIs with the aim to encourage research and development activity in automotive sector. The cars donated include Sonata and cars costing Rs. 5 lakh and above. 

February 17, 2012: The second largest carmaker in India, Hyundai Motor India has donated 160 used cars to various Industrial Training Institutes in order to promote research and development (R&D) activity in the automobile sector in educational institutions. Hyundai started donation of the cars three years ago.

The donated cars include Sonata and the cars that fall under the bracket of Rs. 5 lakh and above, according to company sources. The company is said to have gifted 146 such cars to the government run Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in Tamil Nadu and 24 cars in Andhra Pradesh.

The focus of this initiative or research is to step up fuel efficiency and also find out the alternative fuels for engines. The feedbacks received on the research activities have inspired the company to take the decision of strengthening their links with such institutions. Thus, Hyundai Motor India has decided to donate at least 26 cars every year to colleges for R&D purposes.

Looking at the Hyundai’s initiative and dedication towards the R&D activities, we may expect the company to really come up with some unique technology to bring revolution in the automotive sector and also strengthen its base in Indian automobile industry.


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