Mahindra XUV500: The Cheetah on Roads

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The cheetah inspired Mahindra XUV500 has astonished the Indian automobile industry. Mahindra XUV500 is built on car-like monocoque chassis – the first in any SUV in India. With this launch Mahindra India has introduced its global SUV built in India. This all new “World SUVW201” as codenamed has made an attempt of pouncing on other SUV segment brands with its competitive pricing and powerful engine. The Hawk diesel engine has been used in the successful model Scorpio before Mahindra XUV500 launch and has managed its position in this new model also with enhancements in it. The company plans presence on the world platform by its global SUV model.

Power & performance:

Mahindra XUV500 is loaded with power of 140bhp and 70 litres of fuel capacity. It offers a mileage of 12kmpl -14kmpl and uses 2179cc mHawk diesel engine which produces 330 Nm torque and 140bhp power. Mahindra XUV500 is a power house with 6-speed manual transmission. It can attain the speed of 0-100 in 17 seconds with the top speed of 185kmph. It is all wheel drive enabled and can take the harsh off-road and highways equally well with ease and agility.

External features:

Mahindra XUV500 is designed with the unique bodyline depicting the cheetah’s pounce. This look very well defines the front carved grille as bold and muscular. The intensity flows through the face of the SUV and the head lights add to the grille. The jaw-like honeycomb grille with Mahindra’s logo, glorifies the vehicle all together.

The sharply carved tail lamps and the rear with two exhaust tries to indicate the sculpture involves every detail of aesthetics. The paw styled handles of the door, fog lights, parking lights and adjustable ORVM gives an outstanding body language to it. The streamlined roof appears to make way through slitting the air. The XUV500 has a fierce look with impressive body language affirming its sovereignty on roads.

Internal features:

Like most of the SUVs, Mahindra has designed the interior with enhanced technology delivering the luxury at par. The interior manages to have features like the cool box, beautifully designed dash board and steering with various functions accessible on it to provide convenience to the drivers. The XUV500 has the touch screen navigational help, laptop holder and sunglasses holder along with conversational mirror and lounge lights to create a specific mood.

 The XUV500 can seats 7 people and the space in the first two rows is awesome but the third row feels a bit cramped. The XUV500 has an active voice control feature and instrumental cluster. The cluster has too many things for the person to easily understand and operate functions. The interior though tries to outstand but doesn’t leave that lasting impact.


Safety measures:

The feature of electronic stability program enables the vehicle to strengthen the anti lock breaking system and monitors the movement and directions of the vehicle.  It also controls the vehicle by maintaining stability during the threat.  The hill descent and hill hold control enables the vehicle to balance at the slopes.

The vehicle is also equipped with 6 air bags and disc brakes on all four wheels with tubeless tyres.  All these safety measures are excellent enough to handle any crisis situation on road and these measures look promising enough.


Experience the adventurous and comfortable driving with the string control at its best. The other features like cruise and navigation are of great help and heart winning. The driving is outstanding with rain sensors, light sensing headlamps with breaking and parking assistance. The suspension keeps the stability as the XUV500 is designed well with car-like monocoque chassis, making it tour to any road with ease.

Pricing and Positioning:

The Mahindra XUV500 pricing has been really aggressive and is the key to ruling the SUV market. The price ranges from 10.8 lakhs up to 12.88 lakhs. Other SUVs in this segment are quite expensive and this has enabled the XUV500 to dominate the segment. The models of Mahindra XUV500 are W6 2WD, W8 2WD and W8 4WD. These models are positioned in the SUV range with really competitive prices which might attract buyers from the segments both lower and higher.

Concluding Statement:

Mahindra XUV500 proves to be a dynamic and well equipped SUV with reasonable pricing and extravagant performance. The car comes as a pleasant surprise in India from a trusted car maker. Some great features are on offer at an unbelievable price range. It surely will be one of the hot favourites among the cars in the segment.

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